Books from Lee Andrew Forman

The Bury Box

After Lorie and her family move into their new home, strange things start to happen – things Lorie can’t explain. To make matters worse, her husband, Tom, starts to behave oddly, leaving Lorie to deal with the inexplicable on her own.

Meanwhile, her son, Reggie, experiences a different sort of phenomena: he encounters a figure he believes to be God. This being instructs him to dig a hole and bury himself. Is something trying to steal Reggie’s body or soul, or perhaps both?

Trapped in a desperate game for survival, can Lorie keep her family together, or will unseen forces tear them apart?

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Zero Perspective

Lost in the depths of space and time, swallowed by something unknown to humanity, a derelict ship is adrift in an alternate reality.

John and his crew board the vessel, the Esometa, on a rescue mission. The ship’s been lost for two weeks with no explanation. When they discover its occupants dead and decaying, a mind-bending journey begins.

The Esometa takes them down a path filled with horrid creatures and bizarre events from which there may be no return…

Available in paperback, Kindle, and on Kindle Unlimited!

Fragments of a Damned Mind

A collection of fifteen tales that take you into the pitch black, where unspeakable horrors live, and grim destinies await.

Explore depths of fear untraveled.

Ponder life and death.

Peer into souls of the damned…

Available in paperback, Kindle, and on Kindle Unlimited!

Safe Harbor

A short tale of a group of strangers trapped together in a hotel room. Outside, roam creatures risen from the sea…

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