Lee Andrew Forman is a writer, editor, and publisher from the Hudson Valley region in New York. His fascination with the macabre began in childhood, watching old movies and reading everything he could get his hands on. His love of horror spans three generations, starting with his grandfather who was a fan of the classic Hollywood Monsters.

Lee has published three books to date, The Bury Box, Zero Perspective, and Fragments of a Damned Mind, along with numerous short stories in multiple anthologies. He is a co-owner of Sirens Call Publications, a regular contributor to The Lift, and writes non-fiction pieces for various periodicals. Lee is also an administrator and member of the horror writer’s group Pen of the Damned, where you can find a new piece of fiction each week. He’s also co-conspiritor of the horror fan club, Cult of the Box. Join at CultoftheBox.com

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