Chopping Mall/Night of the Comet Easter Egg

Chopping-Mall-1986night of the comet Just watched ‘Chopping Mall’ for the first time. A classic 80’s horror movie. Released in 1986, it had Kelli Maroney and Mary Woronov, both from ‘Night of the Comet’. It also had Barbara Crampton from ‘Re-animator’ and ‘From Beyond’. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not (I’m pretty sure it is) but in the scene where they’re trying to shoot a propane tank to blow up the elevator, Kelli Maroney grabs a pistol and hits it with her first shot. Then she says, “My dad’s a Marine.” An obvious reference to ‘Night of the Comet,’ where her character’s father is in the military and both her and her sister are proficient with firearms.

(Update for this post, Kelli Maroney commented on a post regarding this article, confirming the Easter Egg was intentional.)


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