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Spreading the Writer's Word

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

by Jaime Johnesee

Her name was was once her grandmother’s–Morgrim–and, like her gran, she was a dragon breeder from the Highlands. The Riders looked to her to outfit their stables with the best dragonflesh rubbats could buy.
Morgrim’s speciality was in matching Dragon Riders with their life-long scaly companions. She had a sixth sense that allowed her to pair up just the right Riders with her dragons.
Her lesser talked about speciality was in vanishing bodies. Dragons needed to eat and humans didn’t generally volunteer to be meat. The political unrest made sure to cause wars that kept her in business. Eventually, Morgrim would get more meat than her dragons could handle.
For now, she had control but one day there’d be too many bodies. She tried to get out of the business when the Vice-President of Grendhem came to her after killing…

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