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Ghosts of the Grasslands
by Pen of the Damned’s own A.F. Stewart!

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The Ladies of Horror
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Ghosts of the Grasslands
by A.F. Stewart

Call to me, oh sunlit savannahs, oh plains of desolation.
Call to me from blood soaked ground and smoking ruin.
I can see you.
Your shadow that once roamed, that lived as king.
Shall I tremble as you roar, stalk on soft padded paws?
Shall I bless the dry winds as they blow you the scent of prey?
Or shall I cry lonely tears of what we have lost, you and I?
We traded life for death, laughter for the expanse of time.
We burned it all for a cold, cold universe.
And now we live with the haunting memories,
The ghosts of who we were and all their screams.
You alone give me comfort.
You, of the haughty stare and the regal essence.
You do not judge what we did.
You understand. You know death.

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