Halloween is Coming…


Happy Halloween!

If you’re a fan of horror, then you probably love this holiday as much as I do (well maybe not because I’m slightly fanatical. Each Halloween has become a bit of a competition with a house across the street). But the amount of gushing you do for the unholiest of celebrations matters not. If you love Halloween, I love you. Well, maybe not. But I probably like you at least.

The unboxing of the Halloween decorations has begun…

It’s no easy task. I have to use an a hand truck and make about 6 trips from the basement door at the back of the house to the front door. Sometimes I wonder if I have too many decorations. But then I realize there’s no such thing, and I even have a list of things I’d like to add to the collection this year. (Summer yard sales are the best for getting lots of stuff real cheap, by the way).

Halloween is especially fun where I live. I counted last year and had over 1,500 trick-or-treaters at my door. No, I’m not joking. There really were that many. The neighborhood I live in has been the trick-or-treat ‘place to go’ even since I was a kid. People come from all the nearby smaller towns just to come to this neighborhood. So it adds up to a lot of freaking people.

So I really love to get scary, deck out the house as much as possible, and make at least one child cry with my costume. (I swear I don’t do it on purpose, but still consider it an achievement.)

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