Let’s go for a read!

a dark adapted eye

It took a little work (and I’m behind!), but The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation, Volume Oneis now available in paperback and ebook, for fans of the Parsec Award-nominated podcast.

With all-new stories by Brooke Warra, Meg Hafdahl, Jon Grilz, Nelson W. Pyles, Daniel Foytik, Charles Rakiecz, Scarlett R. Algee, Lee A. Forman, and K. B. Goddard, with extras by Daniel Foytik and Cynthia Lowman, and astoundingly perfect illustrations by Jeanette Andromeda. Foreword by Owl Goingback.

This was great fun to work on, both as an author and as an editor, and I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 (And my story brings an unlikely fan favorite back…)

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