by Lee A. Forman

I walk into the cool, air conditioned building from the choking heat. That was easy. The store is mostly devoid of customers, just the way I like it. The suffocating abundance of people in an enclosed space was the last thing I wanted on a day like today.

I make my way to the far end of the store, where I remember seeing rows of office chairs the last time I was here. I look and there’s no one around. Seating myself in the first chair, I sink in, resting my muscles, taking a deep breath. It envelopes me in its snuggling embrace. This is it.

I reach for the tag hanging by a string underneath. Not today, the price is too high.

I walk along the rows of chairs like a drill sergeant inspecting his troops. I rub my chin, looking each one up and down. Too shiny. Too weird looking. Too damn colorful. Who the hell would want a bright yellow office chair?

I sit in those I deem suitable. I rock back and forth, spin, lean this way and that, go up and go down, and roll around. I keep eyes on my surroundings, searching for anyone in a specifically colored shirt who aims to make this not so easy.

I narrow my choices down to two. I sit in one, then the other. Then I go back to the first one before moving on to the second. First one again, then second. One-two, one-two, it has become a steady rhythm. Back and forth I go, assessing the pros and cons of each chair, comparing them, finding their strengths and weaknesses, even getting to know them a little.

Then I stand between them, looking back and forth, hoping to come to some conclusion, but it eludes me. One is too stiff. One is too soft. One leans back too far, the other doesn’t lean back enough.

So I take another tour of my army, trying to choose the right soldier for the job. It is a very special operation and long term goals must be considered. Maybe there is another among my ranks who meets the qualifications.

I see him.

This lovely chair, its color and texture appealing to the eye, appears too expensive to hire for the mission. It is, but not by much. I sit down and lean back, but not too far. The chair is soft, but firm at the same time. I rest my body and its form cuddles me. This one is just right.

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