King Dodd

After some serious thought I’ve decided to make some major changes to the novel I’m writing. One of the reasons for this was to focus more on a particular character who I’ve become quite attached to. Originally he played a minor role, in one part of the novel. Now I’ve promoted him to be the main antagonist.

I felt inspired and commissioned a portrait of this character, as well as one of the protagonists. I love this character so much I felt I had to see him with my eyes. I’m also using it as a motivator to finish the novel. I plan to hang the pictures on the wall behind my desk so they’re always there while I’m writing.

I lost my motivation for a while but I’m definitely getting it back. And once I see King Dodd in all his glory I’m sure it will come back completely.

3 thoughts on “King Dodd

  1. Lee – This is intriguing on many levels. I had never thought about taking those characters I’ve grown found of and drawing them out. It may have something to do with the fact that I cannot draw to save my life. I look forward to reading onward and of course, the novel when finished.


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