Sirens Call Issue 28 “Terrifying Tales”



I’m excited to announce today’s release of the August issue of Sirens Call eZine! My story ‘Avemwood’ is featured in this issue as  well as work by a bunch of authors I know and the art of Betty Rocksteady, who ran the Spider Romance Microfiction Contest I recently took part in.

I particularly looked forward to this publication since so many other people I work with by chance happened to be included in the same issue. It was great to see that happen. Not only are these people awesome at what they do, they’re some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

I never started writing thinking it would be easy; I knew it would be difficult. But what I never expected from it in the beginning was the community. In all the years I’ve been writing I have yet to meet a writer I don’t like. The support and kinship in the writing community is amazing and if you’re reading this I thank you.

Be sure to check this issue out, as it’s full of great stories, poetry, and art!

It’s FREE to read! Just click the link below!

Sirens Call issue 28 “Terrifying Tales”


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