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Yŭka Io
by H.R. Boldwood

She is Yŭka Io, guardian of the abyss, who rises before the blazing sun of Tyber stirs the electric sky.
War hammer in hand, she begins her trek across the parched clay soil, feeling it crack underfoot, hearing the brittle ‘snap’ beneath her feet. The sound reminds her of breaking china — the china her mother used before the orbital tilt of Tyber replaced elegance and civility with misery and death.
She does not walk alone. Her feathered legion, dark and fearless, soars through the forever storm, riding the lightning and climbing the currents at her beck and call. Ever vigilant, their eyes scan the void for the heinous monsters loosed by the ever-widening fissure.
Together, Yŭka Io and her winged warriors hold the beasts of the chasm at bay — dark, demonic leviathans that lay in wait, sheltering in the abyss. …

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