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Spreading the Writer's Word

Write Her Story

by Stacey Turner

Lilian sighed and drained the rest of the red wine from the glass. The bottle had fallen over and the last swig had emptied onto the table top, resulting in a sticky puddle. Endings were always messy it seemed, no matter how hopeful the start. She remembered meeting Matt, bumping into him on the subway, his offer to carry her guitar case, buy her coffee, lend her his couch. But she’d never slept on the couch, of course. She always moved too fast. Like the others, he’d called her his angel and placed her on a pedestal. She’d asked him not to, the inevitable fall from grace always left a lasting bruise. Not a bluing physical mark, but a weeping stain upon the soul. She tried so hard to stay atop, to be what he thought he wanted. At first, he’d seen her as…

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