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Rough Night on the Job
by Bailey Hunter

Naziel poured herself a full glass of Malbec and lit a sobranie cigarette. Such pleasures never used to cross her mind, but since being assigned to Malcom Wasserman, it was all she thought about.
After two millennia as a guardian angel, she hadn’t lost a single charge to anything other than natural causes. There had been a few challenging ones, sure, and guarding a killer is always more difficult, but Malcom…
Normal assassins are quiet. Get in, get out. They’re organized so their GA only has to handle the unforeseen moments. Not Malcom. He was a tsunami of destruction and violence. His way was to create as much chaos as possible so that by the time the investigators even started to piece together what happened, Malcom would be long gone.
Tonight was another rough one. First Naziel had to…

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