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Write Her Story


by Jaime Johnesee

Lightning flared in the air behind her as she walked on, mostly unflinching in her belief. The Path was the way of her clan and she knew better than to dishonor tradition by being impeded due to mortal feelings like guilt or fear. This spirit quest was one borne of darkness and she was to visit revenge on those who’d murdered her family.
Rain fell, pounding against the dry earth and swirling small dust devils around her as she walked across the dead and dusty front yards. She wasn’t evil. She’d tried to let it go. Then in court the man responsible—who’d pretended to be a victim—lied and said her husband had killed their infant son, her mother, and himself in a fit of rage.
Rage was what fueled her now as she sought to even the scales. It wasn’t justice and she didn’t…

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