The Lift – Season 2, Episode 12, ‘Slipping Away’


I’m excited to announce the release of the latest episode of The Lift! 

I’ve enjoyed writing for this podcast, as well as listening to every episode. Slipping Away, episode 12 of the show’s second season, was written by yours truly! I’m very proud of this story. It’s a little outside of my usual theme and style of writing, and hearing its emotive nature actually brought a tear to my eye…

I’d like to thank Daniel Foytik, Amber Collins, and Nichole Goodnight for their amazing narration of my story. They brought life to my words in a way that could never be achieved by reading them alone.

I’d also like to thank Kimberly Henninger, Shawn Parke, and Nico Vettese for their amazing work on music and sound production for the show. Their work on this episode truly brought out the emotion I intended with this piece.

Also check out The Lift on iTunes and rate and review the show! It means a lot to everyone who works hard to make this podcast a reality!

You can listen to my episode, Slipping Away, HERE at

I hope you enjoy the show!

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