A Slithering Offer

My short story, A Slithering Offer, is now available to listen to for free on The Wicked LibraryIt’s part of Episode 803: Extra Wicked Winter Anthology 2018

This story was originally published on the horror-fiction website, Pen of the Damned

A Slithering Offer starts at 1 hour, eight minutes into the episode

A Slithering Offer (Audio Podcast Version)


February 2018

On The Wicked Library

Episode 803: Extra Wicked Winter Anthology 2018

‘A Slithering Offer’ on The Wicked Library

I’m profoundly excited to announce that my story, A Slithering Offer is up on The Wicked Library! It’s a Patreon exclusive as of now, and I’ll say The Wicked Library is well worth the support of its listeners! They do amazing work. They’ve turned a few of my stories into audio podcasts and they blow me away every time!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Daniel Foytik and everyone over at The Wicked Library for the work they do! They breathe life into stories, give them an edge that couldn’t be achieved by reading them alone!

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The Lift – Season 2, Episode 19

The Lift is back with a great new episode!

‘Non-Binary’ by Daniel Foytik

Non-Binary – by Daniel Foytik

Set far, far in The Lift’s future, Victoria meets a unique visitor who is able to see The Building the same way she does, but the same qualities that allow for that special perspective could also mean a tragic end. See what the future holds as we go for a special ride on what is no mere elevator.

The Lift – Season 2, Episode 18

A new episode of The Lift is up!

The Posies Velvet by Brooke Warra

The Lift is a story podcast with a Twilight Zone kind of theme. Check it out at Victoriaslift.com. Listen on iTunes. Follow The Lift on Twitter@victoriaslift Like The Lift on Facebook


The Lift – Season 2, Episode 15

A new episode of The Lift is up!

A Writer’s Journal, Vol. 1 by Daniel Foytik

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The Lift is a story podcast with narration, voice acting, sound effects, and background music. Great show with a Twilight Zone vibe!