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Spirit Journey
by E.A. Black

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Spirit Journey
by E.A. Black

The chief of the Mitsogo tribe handed a ceremonial mug filled with iboga root to Dr. Ambrose Peters, who choked down the bitter concoction and waited. Followers of the Bwiti religion which he studied required he go on a spirit journey. What would his totem animal be? An eagle? A python? He had hoped for something majestic to match his ego. Neither a squirrel nor a dung beetle would do. No, his animal must be big, proud, and strong. Like him.
His journey began with the sound of buzzing followed by intense dizziness. In moments he found himself moving quickly through the Gabon jungle. What was he? A quick glance down revealed broad tan paws. A rushing sound guided him to a river where he looked into the water.
An intense feline face surrounded by a bushy mane of…

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