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The True Tale of Goldilocks
by Ela Lourenco

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The True Tale of Goldilocks
by Ela Lourenco

Goldilocks, of creamy skin and flaxen hair
Goldilocks, young girl, so innocent and fair
Stumbled upon an empty cottage in the forest
Hungry and tired, stopped a while to rest.
Dust covered furniture, mouldy and rotten
In this desolate place time had forgotten
Ignoring common sense, she laid down to rest
Knowing not she was in the nest
Of creatures of the night – the ones from nightmares
Putrid ghouls – to catch unawares
and feast upon the purest souls
That would be their only goal.
To roam the Earth sight unseen
To find innocent essence for their queen
In this tale, there are no three bears
No porridge, mis-sized beds or chairs
She did not escape, well fed and rested
For as she slept, her spirit was infested
With fear and hatred and blood lust…

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