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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

by Lori R. Lopez

In a desert kingdom where most were poor
A tramp arrived at a gate lugging a bag of tricks
“Permit me to amuse as I travel door to door,
My wit much sharper than a thousand pinpricks!”
No sooner had he entered, the spry Jester leapt
On the shoulders of a guard, as if riding a steed
With an agile somersault would he intercept
A lance-thrust by another, transformed to a reed
Cartwheeling, he unraveled colorful sashes
Traded turbans and tangled each oaf with a band
The visitor pinched noses and tugged mustaches
Swapping purses of coins for pouches of sand
Filching scimitars and daggers, he cleverly juggled
Then bowed at applause, leaving soldiers red-faced
Next he dropped their possessions and huggle-muggled
Skipping and hopping while these mad men chased
The Joker through a market — outfoxed to stumble

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