OPEN Call for SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call – Winter 2021 – issue 56 | #Horror #DarkFiction #eZine #OpenCall #Reprints #fiction #stories #flash #poetry @Sirens_Call

Submissions are open for the Winter 2021 issue of The Sirens Call eZine!

The Sirens Song


Winter 2021

It’s time once again to pay homage to the death of yet another year with our Winter 2021 eZine.

For the fifty-sixth issue of The Sirens Call eZine, we’re looking for horrifying and well-constructed tales centered around death. Average serial killer pieces will not be entertained. If you choose to go the ‘killer’ route, please be sure to make your antagonist something extra… be that super-human, not human, off their freakin’ rocker in a severe capacity, or whatever uncharted territory you come up with, be extremely creative!

Any and all supernatural, or freakishly heinous deaths are encouraged.

We’ll be accepting short stories, flash fiction, drabbles, and poetry that fit within the horror/dark fiction genre. We welcome reprints as long as you hold the copyright to the piece.

Your piece can be scary, sullen, emotive, freaky, elegant, bizarre, have a dark satirical edge to it, or scare the crap…

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