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The Sirens Song


Summer 2023


Who doesn’t love a little fun under the summer sun? But what if we aren’t the only thing that wants to romp in the warmer weather?

This 62nd issue of The Sirens Call has a sub-theme of Local Legends. Not just any kind of legend, we’re talking cryptid lore! We’d prefer that you create your own hometown beastie and leave the well-known ones alone, but if you feel your story is strong enough to compete with originality, feel free to adopt your well-known local cryptid and take them out for a joyride. As always, the pieces must be horror or dark fiction – no Harry and the Hendersons stories, please. We’ve seen the movie and enjoyed it, but it’s not our cup of publishing goo.

Beyond this issue’s sub-theme, we’re always looking for well-constructed tales and poetry that deliver solid horror and dark fiction.

We’ll be…

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