RELEASE: The Sirens Call Zine Spring 2023 – Issue 61 | FREE Online #Horror and #DarkFic #Zine #magazine @Sirens_Call

The Sirens Song

The Sirens Call

Spring 2023

The 61st issue of The Sirens Call weighs in at 236 pages made up of 173 pieces of fiction in the form of short stories, flash fiction, and dark poetry from 100 different authors! Mike Lera’s Corridor of Horror presents ‘Short, But Scary‘, an introspective on anthology film making. Our Featured Artist, Ksenya Lumitar Drozd, speaks about ‘The Power of the Wild Mother Wolf‘, as well as offers 14 of her watercolor illustrations. This quarter’s Featured project is ‘What A Scream‘ podcast, hosted by Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana, not only does she detail ‘Turning Nightmares Into A Dream‘, she’s also picked out her top 5 episodes and tells us why each is so significant. Our Featured Author, Gwendolyn Kiste, discusses ‘Everyday Horror: The Existential Terror of Daily Living‘, and offers us a peek at her novel, ‘

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