The Lift – Epidode 8

The Lift episode 8 is now live!

“The Exchange” written by yours truly.

Writing this episode has been a challenge, but an enjoyable one. This is the first time my work has been in audio format and I had to account for that while developing the idea and writing it. Working with The Lift has been an awesome experience and I’m honored to be working with the amazingly talented people who created and contributed to the podcast.

If you enjoy The Lift you should check out The Wicked Library which will feature my newest short story, “The Taking of Leon Winchell” on Wednesday!

I’d also like to give a special shout out to Travis Coleman for all the support! You can check out his website/blog HERE. He’s also got a book releasing soon, “A Wolf in Patchwork Clothing,” which will be available on Amazon.

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