“The Exchange”

“The Exchange,” which is the episode I wrote for The Lift, is the first time my own work has sent a shiver up my spine. Thanks to the amazing narration of Daniel Foytik and the voice of Victoria by Amber Collins, as well as the wonderful musical score, the story really came to life.

What scared me the most when listening to the finished product was the scene in the elevator when the music box begins to play. I recognized the sound immediately. I have a music box from when I was a child that plays the exact same music.


Another interesting fact about the story is the main character’s name-Sonny. I chose that name because when I was a child my grandfather called me Sonny Boy. He never called any of the immediate family by name; everyone had their own nickname. That one was mine.

A strong personal element was added in the creation of Sonny, taken from my own life. Although I never pulled any bank heist, nor did I ever steal to get ahead, but I did spend a number of years on the street in an unforgiving city. I used that experience when creating Sonny, using it to build his personality and give reason to the choices he made. When listening to “The Exchange” I found myself easily identifying with my own creation, feeling sympathy and understanding for my character even though his actions weren’t honorable.

Writing this episode has been one of the high points of my writing career. It’s been an enjoyable experience. One I’ll always remember.


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