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Little Nightmare
by Selah Janel

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The Ladies of Horror
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Little Nightmare
by Selah Janel

She was to be sent to the outside world. There was no escaping it, no argument to be listened to. Many had gone before her and now it was her time.
Still, she couldn’t help but ask “Mightn’t I stay with you, Mother? After all, I am small-“
“Better to sow fear, little nightmare,” She replied. There was no title, no proper name. Human terror of her had long ago stripped her of such pleasantries, and the million paranoias she birthed to petrify them with only knew her as mother. She allowed herself a quiet smile that hid razor teeth, just as gentle eyes hid black intentions and horrific thoughts. “Better to lure the unsuspecting in their dreams and pummel their souls until they are ripe for the feasting.”
“You’ve had your lessons. You’ve sat at my…

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