The Wicked Library – You Can Be Always

Super excited about my latest piece of flash fiction! You Can Be Always is a Halloween themed piece, part of The Wicked Library’s Tricks and Treats Halloween collection. I’m proud to share this episode with many talented authors, both those I’m familiar with and those I’m not.

Tricks and Treats is an audio drama with 17 pieces of flash fiction told by a collection of phenomenal narrators, accompanied by awesome background music for ambiance!


Some Dark Fiction for Halloween Reading!

Looking for some terrifying stories to read for Halloween? This book is filled with them. Some of the darkest pieces I’ve ever written are collected here…
Fragments of a Damned Mind is a collection of short stories and prose-driven flash fiction that explores some of the darkest aspects of the human condition.
Only $2.99 for ebook, $7.99 for print edition!
Available from Amazon and most online retailers.