Damned Words 34


What dark imaginings can a flower bring? Find out what the authors over at Pen of the Damned​ have seen in this image… 8 pieces of dark flash fiction for you enjoyment!

Includes pieces by Jon Olson​, Lydia Prime​, Mercedes Yardley​, Scarlett R. Algee​, A.F. Stewart​, Mark Steinwachs​, Nina D’Arcangela​, and me!


Kids Will Be Kids

Another fabulously dark piece of fiction by author, Lydia Prime! ‘Kids Will Be Kids’

Pen of the Damned

As I stepped outside my office building, I was greeted with the sight of my lonely car in the black and white sea of asphalt. I’d parked further away than usual not intending to stay later than the sun’s curfew; I was beginning to regret my decision. I checked my watch and saw it was just passed nine. My eyes scanned the surroundings, most of the sodium vapor lights were out. Sighing I began the trudge towards my tiny coupe.

My heels clicked loudly, the echo severed the night air. Step by step I skillfully evaded the cracks in the worn ground. I couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes upon me. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed I wasn’t alone; two children in hoodies stood where I was only seconds before. Odd, why would kids be anywhere near here this late at night? I sped up and heard the…

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Serpentine Willow – Audio Reading

My latest project is live!

I wanted to try some audio readings of my stories, with some background music to go with them. Serpentine Willow was my first attempt at this project. Hope you enjoy it!

Any feedback is appreciated! If this project works out well, I’d like to do more!

Links to more audio readings on YouTube below.


More audio readings:

Prey of the Eyeless

Lament for Master


OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call – Issue 41 ‘Hallowed Screams’ | #Horror #OpenCall #ReprintsWelcome #fiction

The Sirens Song


Once again, we’re rolling around to the most wonderful time of the year – Halloween!

For the 41st issue of The Sirens Call eZine, we’re looking for your best creepy stories, bone-chilling poems, and horror-riddled prose. Seasonal or not, we’re always looking for good dark fiction, or works of straight-up horror to include.

Your piece can be creepy, sullen, emotive, freaky, elegant, bizarre, have a dark-humor edge to it, or be flat out scary as hell!

The basic rules:

  • Write the piece well.
  • It must be primarily horror/dark fiction.
  • Don’t break our set-in-stone taboos – NO pedophilia, NO bestiality, and NO descriptive rape scenarios.

Send us your horror pieces, and if they qualify, we’ll make sure about 35,000 people have the chance to read them!


Submission Deadline: September 30, 2018

Circulation:Approximately 35,000

Short story word count: 1,000 – 2,500 (limit of one submission per author)

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The Sirens Call eZine Issue #40

The latest issue of The Sirens Call eZine is out!

Filled with horror and dark fiction, poetry, and photo-inspired prose from Pen of the Damned!

I’d like to thank the contributors, who made this another great issue!

Download and read for FREE!