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a dark adapted eye

It took a little work (and I’m behind!), but The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation, Volume Oneis now available in paperback and ebook, for fans of the Parsec Award-nominated podcast.

With all-new stories by Brooke Warra, Meg Hafdahl, Jon Grilz, Nelson W. Pyles, Daniel Foytik, Charles Rakiecz, Scarlett R. Algee, Lee A. Forman, and K. B. Goddard, with extras by Daniel Foytik and Cynthia Lowman, and astoundingly perfect illustrations by Jeanette Andromeda. Foreword by Owl Goingback.

This was great fun to work on, both as an author and as an editor, and I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 (And my story brings an unlikely fan favorite back…)

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When You’re Howling

A warm welcome to Charles Gramlich, our guest author this week on Pen of the Damned! Check out his morbidly awesome story, ‘When You’re Howling’.

Pen of the Damned

I watched the crazy bastard staggering across the shit-colored wasteland like some post-apocalyptic bindlestiff. He gestured wildly at Heaven and Hell, screaming in some dead language. But a bandana-wrapped poke dangled from the cane over his shoulder. Maybe it held food; I was starving.

A big boulder hid me. The dude walked past. I rose up behind him, cleared my throat. He spun around, and if he’d had a gun he would have shucked it. I had one—a cheap piece of blue-steel crap from before the world went to rot. But I didn’t shoot. The man was ugly as sin. On one side. The left side of his face…squirmed. I didn’t want to look too closely. But the right side was beautiful—uncomfortably beautiful. I looked away.

“I’ll take those goodies,” I told him, gesturing at his poke.

Suddenly calm, he pulled the cane off his shoulder and tapped the bandana-wrapped…

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Milk and Moonshine

A beautifully written piece of dark prose by Mercedes M. Yardley! ‘Milk and Moonshine’ on Pen of the Damned.

Pen of the Damned

She was cursed with a fairness that strangled her. Expectations woven into her dark hair, an openness and roundness to her eyes that filled her with horror. They were too pale, too pure, too winsome to protect her. Terrors poured in while tears poured out. Hate and bile ran through her veins, but when her white skin tore prettily, nothing oozed out but healthy scarlet.

“What is your name?” they asked. Townspeople. Sweet old women. Starry-eyed men, lads whose bones were made of milk and oatmeal.

Pestilence. Famine. Hatred. Murder, she answered, but the words changed inside of her mouth, left her soft, dewy lips like starlight.

“My name is Orva. It means ‘golden one’,” she said aloud, and blushed demurely.

She grew up with a boy name Jorge. His last name meant ‘meadow’, and he was just like a meadow himself, with soft and gentle hands. He caught animals…

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Letchworth Village

I took a trip to the abandoned Letchworth Village psychiatric center. So I figured, why not write an article about it?

Check it out in the latest issue of Living Paranormal Magazine!


Open Call for Submissions!

Hey horror writers!

The Sirens Call eZine is now open for submissions.

For issue #42 — The Bitter End — we’re looking for your darkest, most horrifying stories, poetry, photography, and artwork, all focused on death. Let’s see the year out with your best-written work on the subject!

Submissions will be open until November 30th. Check out the submissions page on our website for guidelines!

Re-prints are welcome!

Our bi-monthly eZine has around 35,000 readers! Show them a face of death they’ll remember!


RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue 41 ‘Halloween Screams and Other Dark Things’ | #Horror #FREE @Sirens_Call

The Halloween issue of The Sirens Call eZine is out!

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of

The Sirens Call

Our 41th issue of The Sirens Call eZine comes in at a whopping 181 pages and is packed with short stories, flash fiction, and poetry featuring dark fiction and horror; most of which is Halloween themed! It also contains photography by Claire Loader, image inspired prose by T.S. Wollard – who also happens to be our featured author. He’s also tossed in an excerpt from his novella Heaven’s Healer from Hell.

Click on the cover for your #FREE download!

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