Fear Project News

Some exciting news about David Wellington’s Fear Project!

Rue Morgue Magazine did an interview with David Wellington about the competition, which will appear in their March 2015 issue! This is exciting news for everyone involved in the Fear Project. It should gather some attention and get the competition noticed, which benefits us all.

Social Media

I’ve been using social media to promote myself as an author for quite some time now. I have a Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Goodreads, and most other profiles that are useful for me as an author. Until I was accepted as a contestant in David Wellington’s Fear Project it was never that much work to maintain the sites and make posts. Now that I’m a contestant, it takes a couple of hours a day to keep up with everything. I’m not complaining, in fact I couldn’t be happier that I’m a contestant and I do enjoy posting about it as a way to alleviate my excitement. But only now am I realizing the amount of work that can go maintaining profiles on so many different sites.

David Wellington’s Fear Project



It’s official. I’ve been accepted into David Wellington’s Fear Project. It’s a writing competition that works sort of like a reality TV show. Thirteen authors complete a writing challenge each week, and each week one author is eliminated.

For more information click on the Fear Project link on the top of my page.