The Lift – Episode 19

The Storm by Daniel Foytik

Episode 19, written by The Lift’s own Daniel Foytik! He’s the narrator for the series and really brings the stories to life!

But you’re in for a special treat, this episode is narrated by  Cynthia Lowman!

Season one will be wrapping up. But fear not, season two will soon be on its way.

Spider Romance Microfiction Contest #3

 #3It’s week three of the Spider Romance Microfiction Contest!

This week I wrote a story titled Cupid’s Web. It was inspired partly by a story I read by a fellow writer at my local writing group. He only came to one or two meetings and it was quite some time ago so I can’t remember his name, but the title of his story was Katydid. It wasn’t horror, which is of course what I’m used to reading, but it was a beautiful story written from the perspective of a katydid. I wish I could remember the author’s name because it’s a story that’s stuck with me.

You can read my story Cupid’s Web, as well as the other stories writers submitted this week at this link HERE.

You can read the stories for week one HERE

And for week two HERE

As an added bonus my son wrote something for week three! If you check out these stories make sure you read Ai Apaec by Samuel L.F.

Spider Romance Microfiction Contest

Today is the first day of the Spider Romance Microfiction Contest!

Check out week one’s entries, including my story ‘Waiting for Flies’ by clicking HERE

Be forewarned, these stories are bizarre.

Thanks to Betty McIntyre for hosting this contest!

It goes on for three more weeks so you can still enter. There’s a new winner each week.

RELEASE: Through Clouded Eyes: A Zombie’s Point of View | #horror #zombies

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of

Through Clouded Eyes

A Zombie’s Point of View

ThrouCloudedEyes_FinalCover_Front_promoThrough Clouded Eyes: A Zombie’s Point of View: a collection of twelve stories told from the Zombie’s perspective.

They’re shambling toward you, feet dragging on the broken roadway. Arms outstretched, faces slack, they move as if they’re tracking your scent on the wind. You want to run, but you know there’s nowhere to hide.

Aware of their insatiable hunger, fear paralyzes you.  These things were once human, people someone loved. Is there anything left inside them – some sliver of humanity that may save you from this nightmare? Your mind doesn’t want to accept the inevitable, a single thought consumes you: what are they thinking?

With your chance of escape dwindling, you snap out of it and run like hell knowing there is little to no hope; fate is coming for…

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