Fear Project – Week 4


Another week has come and gone, and I’m still here. This week the Fear Project has claimed Jennifer Roush as its victim. I’ve survived the first three eliminations and this week’s challenge is about exactly that–survival.

This week’s challenge:

CHALLENGE: In the end, it wasn’t one of us who brought down the dread antagonist, but an outsider: a SURVIVOR who had already faced nightmarish foes in plenty. Horror stories are full of these indestructible heroes, the only defense we have against slashers, evil clowns, and serial killers. In 250 words please describe this fearsome warrior. Is it a Final Girl? A scarred monster hunter, veteran of unthinkable battles? A simple man, pushed to extremes by the terrors of the dark?

Challenge #3 Entries

The entries for challenge #3 of the Fear Project are posted to the site! A lot of frightening ideas came out of our imaginations this week. Some were born of innocence, someone you trust. Some were lurking beneath the water, waiting to strike. And some transcended normal reality, killing without consequence.

My entry is titled “Silence in the Willow Field”

Go to David Wellington’s Fear Project .com to read and leave a comment!

Sleepless Nights

It’s 4:28 am. I’ve just finished the second draft of my entry for the third challenge in the Fear Project. I stayed up the entire night writing the second draft. I spent the entire night before writing the first. But now I have something with promise to submit on Sunday.

I’m sure I’ll be spending then next night and day polishing it up, picking apart every sentence, every word, until I can’t take it anymore.

Fear Project – Week 3

Midnight has come and gone, and with it the screams of the Fear Project‘s latest victim. Catherine Bader has been lost along the way.

Eleven remain. But there’s a killer on the loose. And no one is safe…

CHALLENGE: They say a horror story is only as good as its villain. A bad guy to threaten us, to make us remember that we are never safe. In 250 words or less, please describe a murderous ANTAGONIST: a killer on the prowl. A slavering lunatic. Or perhaps a perfectly ordinary next door neighbor whose smile hides razor sharp fangs.

“I Think I’ll Go Outside”

It took me the entire weekend to choose a title for my entry this week for the Fear Project. I never had so much trouble finding a title before. Everything I thought of just didn’t quite work. In the later hours of Sunday evening, only a few hours away from the deadline to submit, I finally found something with the help of some friends and fellow authors. They had some amazing suggestions and now my entry for challenge #2 is out of my hands, posted to the website, and awaiting its fate. Will I be eliminated this Friday? Or will I survive another week in the Fear Project?

Fear Project – Week 2

The second challenge of the Fear Project has been posted. And we’ve lost someone along the way. I’m sad to say Roy Olvera was the first elimination. The twelve remaining contestants must now struggle on, the fear of elimination constantly lurking around the corner…

The second challenge:

CHALLENGE: One of the most popular subgenres of horror fiction is the APOCALYPSE tale. For hundreds of years, writers have terrified us with visions of the end of the world. In 250 words or less, please describe how you see the end of days. Will it be zombies rising up to eat us all? A meteor crashing to Earth? Or something no one could ever have seen coming?