Pen of the Damned – Damned Echoes 2

This week on Pen of the Damned it’s all about words–five of them to be exact. Each member of The Damned had to pick two out of five available words and work them into a piece of flash 100-150 words long. See what we’ve scrawled out this week on Pen of the Damned: Damned Echoes 2

Pen of the Damned

If you read my blog or follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds you may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot about Pen of the Damned. What is Pen of the Damned, you ask? It’s a collection of minds and ideas, of dark tales told by those who freely dive into the maw of damnation and live to tell their stories.

I’ve recently been invited into the group of writers who make up the Damned. Every Tuesday a new story is posted to the site by one of its handful of eclectic writers. And once or twice a cycle, the members write their interpretation of a word and photo prompt as a group for comparison. The stories are short and not so sweet, with a lingering aftertaste of terror.

My introductory story titled Avemwood ended up being one of my favorite pieces I’ve written so far. Inspired by a few sketches I made late one night, I brought the Bird Men to life and in the process condemned another innocent character to a horrid end.

Should I fear the creatures I create? Or the vengeance of the characters who suffer because of them? Only fate will tell. Then again, as I’m the story teller, perhaps I will reform that fate and craft my own suffering…

If you haven’t checked out the site I dare you to take a look into the pitch black, if only to see if you can find the light again.

Pen of the Damned – Damned Words 17

Today the latest photo prompt was posted on Pen of the Damned, including my piece, “Eyeless.” Everyone came up with some really great (and disturbing) stories! The idea of these photo prompts is to write a story, exactly 100 words, no more no less, based solely on the photo given.

It’s fun and challenging at the same time, and I love reading what everyone else came up with and seeing how differently they saw the same photo.

If you’ve visited the site and like what you see, check back every Tuesday from more tales of terror from The Damned!