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The Sirens Song

The Sirens Call

Spring 2023

The 61st issue of The Sirens Call weighs in at 236 pages made up of 173 pieces of fiction in the form of short stories, flash fiction, and dark poetry from 100 different authors! Mike Lera’s Corridor of Horror presents ‘Short, But Scary‘, an introspective on anthology film making. Our Featured Artist, Ksenya Lumitar Drozd, speaks about ‘The Power of the Wild Mother Wolf‘, as well as offers 14 of her watercolor illustrations. This quarter’s Featured project is ‘What A Scream‘ podcast, hosted by Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana, not only does she detail ‘Turning Nightmares Into A Dream‘, she’s also picked out her top 5 episodes and tells us why each is so significant. Our Featured Author, Gwendolyn Kiste, discusses ‘Everyday Horror: The Existential Terror of Daily Living‘, and offers us a peek at her novel, ‘

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People in the Sun

Pen of the Damned

People in the Sun by Edward Hopper as Explained by the Ghost of One of His Models

Here I am posed in the crowd. Do you see? We’re supposed to be tourists gathered to relax and stare at distant mountains. It’s as if the artist were replaying a silent film of a family vacation. Normally, visitors here get this explanation: ‘The canvas may reflect Hopper’s discomfort in the West, where he found himself unable to paint with his usual enthusiasm when confronted by the harsh light and monumental wonder of the landscape.

I’m that fellow reading in the back row. My wife Lucia is the woman in the floppy hat. Of course, that’s not a real mountain range on the right. It was actually just a pile of lights and equipment, so it wasn’t difficult to look bored or unimpressed – just what Hopper was after, as a fact. I think he…

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The Widow’s Milk

Pen of the Damned

The sweet milk drew them to the widow, Mrs. Keller daily. Their lips silently spoke of thirst; a parching despair was evident each morning upon their arrival. Mrs. Keller smiled with each new sun as she watched them come in droves. She waited at the door of her barn, tin containers filled with the greenish-white cream. One by one, she’d fill each jug the locals brought. They’d leave with both their spirits, and wallets, much lighter.

They always asked to see the cows that produced her famed product. An off-kilter smile was the only response she ever gave. They talked in hushed rumors of what might be in that old, red outbuilding, what wonderous dairy cattle gave their delicious milk in secret. They imagined a majestic specimen, the fur a color never before seen by human eyes. Others argued she dyed the milk and put something in it for flavor…

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OPEN Call for SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call – Summer 2023 – issue 62 | #Horror #DarkFiction #Zine #OpenCall #Reprints #fiction #stories #flash #poetry @Sirens_Call

The Sirens Song


Summer 2023


Who doesn’t love a little fun under the summer sun? But what if we aren’t the only thing that wants to romp in the warmer weather?

This 62nd issue of The Sirens Call has a sub-theme of Local Legends. Not just any kind of legend, we’re talking cryptid lore! We’d prefer that you create your own hometown beastie and leave the well-known ones alone, but if you feel your story is strong enough to compete with originality, feel free to adopt your well-known local cryptid and take them out for a joyride. As always, the pieces must be horror or dark fiction – no Harry and the Hendersons stories, please. We’ve seen the movie and enjoyed it, but it’s not our cup of publishing goo.

Beyond this issue’s sub-theme, we’re always looking for well-constructed tales and poetry that deliver solid horror and dark fiction.

We’ll be…

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