A year in Heaven; A year in Hell.

It’s been a long year. I’ve done some great things and had some of the best experiences as a writer since I started my literary adventure. But I’ve also had the worst experiences in my career as a storyteller. Trying as these nightmare moments were I kept going, kept writing, and didn’t give up.

Writing is an emotional battle. Keeping your spirit up and not losing hope can be hard enough when having creative issues or receiving rejection letters. But I got the worst rejection I can imagine this year and it broke my spirit for a short time. I had to walk away from the keyboard and take a break. I went off the grid for a few weeks concerning anything that had to do with writing or social media.

But I came back with a fresh imagination and wrote some really great stories.

Rejections are bad enough but nothing is worse than not receiving credit for something you did. I won’t go into details but it was an enormous disappointment and it changed my perspective on certain things.

In spite of it, I kept on writing.

2015 has been both one of the best and worst years of my life, a test I wasn’t prepared for, but I scribbled my way through it. The crushing blows I received this year on my work as a writer had their reward—I know that no matter what happens I’ll never stop telling stories.