Silence in the Willow Field – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Silence in the Willow Field is now posted! This week I introduce a new character I’ve named after Travis Coleman, fellow competitor in David Wellington’s Fear Project; in honor of him naming his character after me in his Lovecraftian tale, “A Prison With a View.” Go! Read! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

If you’d like to read the tale of my death created by Travis, here’s the link:

Inkitt Running Scared Horror Writing Contest


Now that I’m out of the Fear Project I’ve decided to see what else is out there. Fellow competitor Travis Coleman posted a link to a contest hosted by I submitted a short flash fiction that I had written a few weeks ago titled “The Kids of Rock Hill.”

This contest has a voting system and at the end of March the stories with the most votes will be judged and the winners chosen.

Follow the link to read and vote on “The Kids of Rock Hill”

Kelli Maroney

I was scrolling through posts on a horror Facebook group I had just joined and I saw one about the movie Night of the Comet. It was about the movie and mentioned Kelli Maroney. Remembering the blog post I wrote a while back about the reference to Night of the Comet in Chopping mall I commented on the post, mentioning the “Easter Egg” I wrote about.

Apparently Kelli Maroney herself was following the post and left a comment with a link to her fan page. So I posted a readable image of my blog post on her Facebook. She shared the photo and commented on the top: “Yes, Lee, it was completely intentional. You are correct.”

So not only did I get a little fan interaction with one of my favorite actresses from some of my favorite horror movies, but my theory has been confirmed!

Here’s the original post:

Chopping-Mall-1986night of the comet Just watched ‘Chopping Mall’ for the first time. A classic 80’s horror movie. Released in 1986, it had Kelli Maroney and Mary Woronov, both from ‘Night of the Comet’. It also had Barbara Crampton from ‘Re-animator’ and ‘From Beyond’. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not (I’m pretty sure it is) but in the scene where they’re trying to shoot a propane tank to blow up the elevator, Kelli Maroney grabs a pistol and hits it with her first shot. Then she says, “My dad’s a Marine.” An obvious reference to ‘Night of the Comet,’ where her character’s father is in the military and both her and her sister are proficient with firearms.

Fear Monger: Interview with Lee Forman

Author and fellow Sanitarium Magazine slush pile reader Gwendolyn Kiste interviewed me about being a contestant in the Fear Project. The interview is now live on her site. Click HERE to check it out!

Also, check out her main site here: