House of Leaves


Friend and fellow author, Nicole Degennaro did a video review of one of my favorite and most remembered books, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielweski. This book is part genius, part insanity, and 100% terrifying. It’s a reading experience I’ll never forget.

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Park Circle

My latest story to be published, Park Circle, is now available in the Halloween Special Issue by Odd Tree Press Quarterly!


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This story is based on true events which makes it especially interesting to me. Of course, there were no evil clowns, but the park itself is real and the danger is real as well. It’s a park situated in a not so great part of town and my grandmother’s house was across the street from the park. She never wanted me to go and play there alone and at that age I didn’t understand why.

Like I said, there were no evil clowns, but in truth I did leave that park with answers.