New Release! The Bury Box


After Lorie and her family move into their new home, strange things start to happen – things Lorie can’t explain. To make matters worse, her husband, Tom, starts to behave oddly, leaving Lorie to deal with the inexplicable on her own.

Meanwhile, her son, Reggie, experiences a different sort of phenomena: he encounters a figure he believes to be God. This being instructs him to dig a hole and bury himself. Is something trying to steal Reggie’s body or soul, or perhaps both?

Trapped in a desperate game for survival, can Lorie keep her family together, or will unseen forces tear them apart?

My second novella, The Bury Box, explores more traditional aspects of horror than my previous release, Zero Perspective. Set in a house in rural New York, this story explores death, and how a family perceives and deals with it, both adult and child. Born from my own obsession with death from a young age, the concepts in this tale represent not only my own understanding of our connection with it, but a shared connection of all things which live, and ultimately, die.

I hope you enjoy reading The Bury Box as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And here is a shot of the wraparound as a whole, because it looks spectacular! Thanks to the amazing cover work of Nina D’Arcangela!


Get it in paperback or eBook on Amazon HERE!


Open Call for Submissions!

Hey horror writers!

The Sirens Call eZine is now open for submissions.

For issue #42 — The Bitter End — we’re looking for your darkest, most horrifying stories, poetry, photography, and artwork, all focused on death. Let’s see the year out with your best-written work on the subject!

Submissions will be open until November 30th. Check out the submissions page on our website for guidelines!

Re-prints are welcome!

Our bi-monthly eZine has around 35,000 readers! Show them a face of death they’ll remember!

A Writer, A Musician

Anyone who follows my blog or sees my posts on social media knows I’m a writer. It’s pretty much all I talk about. I guess I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for the written word!

But I’m also a musician. Been a guitar player since the age of 13. So… a long time.

I’m excited to announce that my band and I released our debut EP, titled Penance. The digital album is now available on, and soon we’ll be releasing it on itunes and other formats. We’ll also be producing physical copies as well!


You can listen to one of our songs free on Youtube“Wendigo Carnage Psychosis”.

And you can preview our music on bandcamp before you buy.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Thanks for reading! And if death metal isn’t your thing, please share with anyone you know who might enjoy our music!